Assigning and Managing Roles

In order to assign and manage the roles of your users, click on the Settings tab and choose Users.  Click on the edit button for the user to whom you would like to assign a role.

You will then need to click to assign the roles you wish to assign that user.  Click Save to apply those changes.


There are four roles in Field Training Tracker: field training recruit, field training officer, field training supervisor, and field training coordinator.  There are four roles in Employee Performance Tracker: performance employee, performance evaluator, performance supervisor, and performance coordinator.  A person may be assigned more than one role.  For example, if you want your supervisor to be able to fill out DORS, they need to also be assigned the officer role.  See the charts on the next page for information about the permissions granted for each role.

Note:  Currently, it can take 15 minutes for a role change to become effective.

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